The groundwater is a decisive part in the construction of buildings, the infiltration of rainwater as well as in the exploitation of potable water resources and the definition of aquifer protection zones.
Within our planing and consulting activities we provide the following hydrogeological services:

  • preparation of hydrogeological reports
  • design, setup and maintenance of groundwater monitoring networks
  • collection and analysis of groundwater samples (quality control)
  • carrying out and analysis of geohydraulic field tests (pumping test, slug-and bail, water pressure etc.)
  • peer review and expert evidence in hydrogeology
  •  hydrological and hydrogeological studies in the framework of renaturation projects
  •  monitoring of landfill sites
  •  planning of infiltration installations
  •  development of three-dimensional groundwater flow and transport models


Thereby, we seek to give the interaction of soil and groundwater its due role.

We are accredited by the water resources management authorities of the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg for the compilation of hydrogeological studies for potable water resources.

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