Based on ground investigations (drilling, sampling, field and laboratory tests etc.) we develop a geological model of the actual ground and groundwater situation and prepare a comprehensible geotechnical report. Herein we assess the interaction between the building and the ground to enable an economical design of the foundation based on our findings. Further we provide advice on the design of excavation pits, dewatering, unterground waterproofing of buildings, slope stabilisation etc. The economic gain at the design level of a construction always exceeds the costs of a ground investigation.

Our daily work consists of:



  • preparation of geotechnical reports for

- foundations
- infrastructure constructions (e.g. canals, pipe driving, roadworks, sewage treatment plants)
- flood protection measures
- slope stability analysis and improvement
- strengthening of foundations and retaining walls
- damage assessment and cause studies



  • geotechnical calculations and analysis

- settlement calculations
- calcualtion of design bearing capacity
- calculation of embankment failure
- calculation of overall stability and design of retaining walls
- rock-mechanical calculation for foundations and slope stability



  • hydraulic analysis based on 2D and 3D flow models

- quantitative infiltration (stationary and transient)
- hydraulic failure (by uplift, heave, internal erosion, piping)



  • supervision of construction, monitoring and maintenance
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